2016 Blue Jays Value (Batters)

As we begin our dissection of the Jays’ 2016 season with a look forward to 2017, here is a cursory summary of the 2016 Jays batters’ production value, calculated by average wins above replacement (WAR), as measured by Fangraphs (fWAR), Baseball Prospectus (WARp) and Baseball Reference (bWAR), and compared to salary earned. This analysis is in no way thorough, and is meant to provide some ideas/considerations for future posts.


  • 1 win is assumed to have been worth $7 million on the open market
  • Player-specific salary amounts have not been accurately pro-rated by team or games played (if, for example, a player was traded to Toronto and a portion of salary was retained by the trading team)
  • A replacement-level player earns $507,500, so this value has been subtracted from the Salary value in computing Value Added
    • The reasoning for this is that since this is the minimum teams can pay a player, only incremental salary costs should be considered
    • Some examples of replacement-level players were included in this table, such as Andy Burns and Dalton Pompey, despite their small numbers of plate appearances at the MLB level in 2016
Player2016 Salary
Value Added
Barney, Darwin1,050,0000.50.21.85,833,3335,290,833
Bautista, Jose14,000,0003.50.6111,900,000-1,592,500
Burns, Andy507,50000000
Carrera, Ezequiel521,800-,866,6671,852,367
Ceciliani, Darrel507,500-0.2-0.5-0.5-2,800,000-2,800,000
Donaldson, Josh11,650,0005.95.47.443,633,33332,490,833
Encarnacion, Edwin10,000,0002.92.73.721,700,00012,207,500
Goins, Ryan520,200-0.5-0.9-0.6-4,666,667-4,679,367
Martin, Russell15,000,00033.21.718,433,3333,940,833
Navarro, Dioner4,000,0000.2-0.3-0.2-700,000-4,192,500
Pillar, Kevin521,10030.73.416,566,66716,553,067
Pompey, Dalton507,5000.1--233,333233,333
Saunders, Michael2,900,00011.61.39,100,0006,707,500
Smoak, Justin3,900,0000.1-0.6-0.4-2,100,000-5,492,500
Thole, Josh507,500-0.5-0.2-0.8-3,500,000-3,500,000
Travis, Devon511,2002.51.62.916,333,33316,329,633
Tulowitzki, Troy20,000,0003.723.321,000,0001,507,500
Upton, Melvin5,000,0000.3-0.4-0.4-1,166,667-5,659,167

Some quick takeaways:

  • Based on average WAR, Barney, Carrera, Donaldson, Encarnacion, Martin, Pillar, Saunders, Travis and Tulo provided value in excess of their salaries
  • Andy Burns was the definition of replacement-level
  • Some replacement-level players cost the team more in WAR than in salary (Ceciliani, Goins, Thole)


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