Evan  Gattis swings at a pitch. By Arturo Pardavilla via Flickr.

Evan Gattis swings at a pitch. By Arturo Pardavilla via Flickr.

Let’s talk about dongers.

Because the fifth inning of Game 2 of the ALDS was so exciting (Zeke and Eddie also homered), I couldn’t fully process how CRAZY this home run actually was:


So this got me interested in finding the highest pitch from 2016 that resulted in a home run. But also the lowest pitch. And also the pitch that was the furthest out of the strike zone, either inside or outside.

Using Statcast data from Baseball Savant, I plotted all 2016 (regular and post-season) pitches in Zones 11, 12, 13 and 14 (non-strike zones according to Statcast) that resulted in home runs, and found the following 18 candidates for highest, lowest and furthest outside (from the catcher’s perspective):


“Px” = 0.00 represents the center of the plate and “Pz” = 0.00 represents the ground. Axes measured in feet.

Highest Pitch

The pitch you see at the very top-right of that plot is on the following home run from Corey Dickerson (0.440, 4.216):

Pillar’s home in the video above is at the top-left of the plot (-0.847, 4.152). The home run in the top-middle of the plot belongs to Evan Gattis and looks equally impressive (0.048, 4.167):

Lowest Pitch

The pitch you see at the bottom-middle of the plot is ALSO A COREY DICKERSON HOME RUN (0.077, 0.823):

The pitch right next to it is this home run by Mike Trout on our boy Marco (0.032, 0.890):

Furthest From the Zone – Inside

This pitch to Xander Bogaerts isĀ almost a foot off the plate and still managed to get donged (-1.624, 2.676):

Bogaerts also impressively stroked this down-and-in pitch for a home run (-1.511, 1.454):

Honourable mention to this Chris Parmelee dong off a tough down-and-in pitch (0.755, 1.066):

Furthest From the Zone – Outside

This one belongs to Yasiel Puig (1.282, 2.785):

Just For Fun

Another 2016 Evan Gattis home run that should not have been home run (0.798, 2.025):

Not plotted above is this 2015 Gattis home run off Trevor Bauer (0.066, 4.381). That pitch was almost 4’5″ high!!!! Bauer’s reaction says it all.

Can’t forget to mention the inspiration behind the post’s title:

If you’re interested in seeing all of the 2016 regular and post-season home runs in Zones 11-14, check out the Baseball Savant search results.


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