Episode 003 Companion

On this week’s program, the guys examine the Blue Jays’ bullpen, talk to Eric Rosenhek of Definitely Not Jays Talk, discuss how far one might go to sign Bryce Harper, and learn some interesting factoids about the Negro Leagues.

Sweet Nick’s Trivia Question of the Week

The first MLB night game was played in 1935 between the Philadelphia Phillies and Cincinnati Reds, but the first professional baseball game played at night took place between the Kansas City Monarchs and Phillips University. How many years earlier did this game take place?

Adam: 4 years earlier (1931)

Dave: 2 years earlier (1933)

Answer: 5 years earlier (1930)

Nick wins!

Sweet Nick Adam Dave
2 0 0

Dave’s Trivia Question

What is the oldest professional baseball park in the United States?

Nick: Wrigley?

Adam: Coca-Cola Field (terrible answer!)

Answer: Rickwood Field, home of the Birmingham Barons


Adam likes baseball and uses Instagram mainly for the Joe Biden memes.