Episode 009 Companion

On this week’s episode, the guys break down the Jose Bautista news and discuss potential next steps for the front-office as the Blue Jays look to solidify their roster for the 2017 season.

Sweet Nick’s Trivia Question of the Week

Which of the following Blue Jays is tied with Kelly Johnson (with 159 strikeouts) for the most strikeouts in one season?

A. Vernon Wells
B. Shawn Green – Adam
C. Jose Canseco
D. Alex Rios – Dave

Nick wins!

Sweet Nick Adam Dave
5 1 0

Dave’s Question of the Week

Which of these four Blue Jays had the lowest strikeout rate in 2016 (minimum 50 plate appearances)?

A. Darwin Barney
B. Josh Donaldson – Nick
C. Kevin Pillar –  Adam
D. Troy Tulowitzki

(Darwin Barney: 15.7%, Josh Donaldson: 17.0%, Kevin Pillar: 15.4%, Troy Tulowitzki: 18.6%, Justin Smoak: 32.8%)


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