We thought an FAQ would be more interesting to read than the typical written-in-the-third-person-to-make-ourselves-seem-greater-than-we-really-are biography; but, it probably won’t be.

What is Bunt to the Gap?

Bunt to the Gap is our Toronto Blue Jays-focused, MLB-aware podcast and blog; which means we’re Jays fans first, but still baseball fans; we’re not all Jays, all the time because 29 other teams are also doing noteworthy things.

Mind you, we still watch, listen to or read about 162 Blue Jays games during the season (and follow every tidbit of news during the offseason), so we are very much Jays-centric. We considered calling this Not Another Blue Jays Podcast because, really, Bunt to the Gap is the podcast and blog that no one asked for, or wanted; which is why we went ahead and made it anyway.

What does “Bunt to the Gap” mean?

It doesn’t really mean anything. It’s an inside joke (which are never funny to anyone else). It involves us being drunk at a motel outside of Pittsburgh, after attending a Pirates-Dodgers game. Maybe we’ll talk about its origins one day on the podcast, but we probably won’t; it’s not that funny.


Sometimes we watch baseball, and sometimes we talk about it. We wanted to start a podcast, primarily, but because things like graphs, tables and heatmaps don’t translate well to audio, we also started a blog to support our podcast content.